Bibliografia/discografia selezionata sul canto polifonico in Sardegna

  a cura di Ignazio Macchiarella e Sebastiano Pilosu  

There is no feast in Sardinia without at least one, but usually more, music-stall selling cassettes and CDs. In those, besides hits of international pop music, you can find mainly "musiche sarde". This expression has several meanings: it is used both for a great variety of genres and repertories of popular music sung in Sardinian language (including a sort of typical Italian pop song in "Sanremo style", but also musics in rock, reggae, hip-hop, or funky styles) and for a large production of recordings of the most important repertories of oral tradition of the Island, performed by traditional musicians or arranged (better: "fossilized") by folkloristic and modern groups working for the world music market.
The production of traditional music performed by own traditional musician has a special importance. It has a very selling success and is spread among buyers of all ages. Almost all the traditional singers and musicians of the Island have recorded at least one cassette, giving the retail trade right to specialized labels.
Within this production, the cassettes and CDs containing recordings of canto a tenore [the male four part polyphony that consists of a soloist song accompanied by three voices arranged as syllabic formulas with a particular vocal timbre - see Lortat Jacob 1992] has a prominent relevance: dozens of titles, recorded by traditional quartets coming from all over the centre-nord of the Island where this tradition is spread (including also groups from villages where the canto a tenore is a novelty of recent times). All the genres of the tradition are included in the cassettes and CDs: from the a sa seria (or boghe notte) song (the most difficult genre with complex and serious texts performed in a slow tempo) to the various lively ballos (dillu, passu torrau etc. - dancing song in fast tempo), from the gozzos (religious songs) to the muttos (light love texts).

The birth of a Sardinian commercial production devoted to the internal market (and to the Sardian emigrants all over the world) is very old. After some attempts by the Sardinian scholar Gavino Gabriel between 1922-1928 that produced 10 sketchy recordings (however with ethnographic relevance), the first label that realized some commercial recording in the Island was probably the Odeon. In 1929 it recorded four songs performed by Peppino Ruggio accompanied at the guitar by the great Adolfo Merella. In the following years several international labels (Columbia, Parlophone, His Master's Voice and so on) realized hundreds of recording, above all of launeddas (the typical triple reed clarinet) and boghe a chiterra (song with guitar) (see Vernon 1998). Until the II World War, this production didn't include quite any polyphonic recording and in particular a tenore song, probably because of the technical difficulties in recording and reproducting on discos this kind of music - the only exception is a recording of a tenore group of Dorgali in the '30s (see Gualerzi 1982 for a complete discography and Leydi 1997).

After the II World War and the difficulties of the reconstruction, the 60s saw a revival of the commercial production of Sardinian music. Within this context, in 1964 the first 45" of canto a tenore were recorded: the performances of 4-voices group of Orgosolo (called "coro di Orgosolo") published by the label Italmusica of Milan. Some of those records were distributed also in "Stereo 8" cassettes and in long playings.
But it is in the 70s that we witnessed the boom of a tenore recording production, due to the spread of compact cassettes that allowed a wide mass diffusion and lower production costs. In quite all the villages, several groups of canto a tenore recorded their repertories, aiming at a local market. In Cagliari and Sassari we find new specialized labels such as Tirsu (later named "Sardinia dischi", located in via San Sperate 20, Decimomannu - Cagliari), Aedo (via Milano 9/A Cagliari) and Tekno record (via Magellano 22, Sassari). The invention of CD didn't dramatically change the situation, while it was the spread of recording and reproduction low costs that fostered the birth of several selfproductions and the increase of commercial micro-labels in different villages of the Island.

Nowadays the most important label specialized in Sardinian traditional music is Frorias (via Solmi 1, 09126 Cagliari; Directed by Franco Madau (both scholar and composer and performer of musics rooted in Sardinian folk music), the Frorias edition has a very large production that includes both new production of CDs and cassettes by various present tenore groups and the reprint on CD of the most relevant a tenore cassettes by Tirsu and Vox Folk editions of the 60-70s. Almost all the new CDs have a booklet with the lyrics and some information notes in Sardinian language and Italian (and often also in English).
Some a tenore groups that are known in the international world music market (like the very famous "Tenore di Bitti", or "Tenore de Oniferi" or "Tenore de Orosei"), print their CDs with Italian or European specialized labels (Robi Droli, CNI, Real World): these CDs have also a booklet with introduction notes in English, French or German (see further). At the same time, the local self-productions are still spread.

The catalogue of the a tenore commercial recordings is actually immense and - considering the self-productions - it is almost impossible to try to define a complete list.
Waiting for a future deep ethnomusicological study on this interesting production (it will be in a book on a tenore tradition that is in course of realization by ourselves) we propose a basic catalogue, organized by villages: in practice, it is the list of our private collections. Being a work in progress, all the contributions are welcome!!!
Ignazio Macchiarella (
Sebastiano Pilosu (


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Paul Vernon

List of villages:

Abbasanta - Arzara - Bitti - Bolotana - Bono - Bultei - Burgos - Busacchi - Dorgali - Fonni - Gavoi - Illorai - Irgoli - Lanusei - Lodè - Lula - Mamoiada - Neoneli - Nuoro - Oliena - Ollolai - Olzai - Oniferi - Orani - Orgosolo - Orotelli - Orune - Ottana - Ovodda - Sarule - Scanu Montiferru - Seneghe - Silanus - Sindia - Siniscola - Torpè




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Scanu Montiferru


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, compact disc, Frorias, Cagliari
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